Zachary Alford with Emergence AS8

Drummer Zachary Alford grew up around music in New York City, with a band rehearsing in the living room. He got his first drum kit at 10 and his early drum heroes were John Bonham and Ringo Starr. He played in New York venues from CBGBs to the Peppermint Lounge while in high school, rubbing shoulders with future stars Madonna and Vernon Reid. In 1989 he played with The B-52s and worked with Bruce Springsteen when he toured a new band (’92-’94) and David Bowie (’95-’98). He played on Bowie’s 1997 album Earthling, and In 2011 Bowie asked him to play on the sessions which produced The Next Day album, released in 2013. Other recording credits include Billy Joel, Susanna Hoffs, Manic Street Preachers, David Torn and Patti Scialfa. “For me there are only two types of music, good and bad,” he told an interviewer. “Two years ago I was only listening to Miles Davis and Donny Hathaway. The next year I went into a John Barry phase. It’s like food. You can’t eat just one style all the time. You need variety.”

I’ve got my Emergence AS8 speakers connected to my record player and TV, the clarity in sound is awesome! I love using these speakers to listen back to demos and new mixes of songs ’cause I feel like they allow me to hear each component more precisely. 


Tim Nelson is the lead singer and songwriting dynamo of Brisbane indie pop quartet Cub Sport, whose US college radio hits and support from Australian youth station Triple J has won them a strong following on both sides of the Pacific. Their strong working relationship with Australian producer John Castle came into full bloom with the March release of debut album This Is Our Vice. It reveals an adventurous sonic spirit as well as a new honesty in Nelson’s lyrics. “An album really gives you the chance to take things up a notch in every way,” Nelson says. “There was a breakthrough with my songwriting, being more honest with myself.” The album ranges from the sun-drenched harmonies of Sun to emotional purgings like Only Friend. “We’re really working hard to bring that sonic range from the album to the stage,” Nelson says. “We love the challenge.”

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“Your sound system has a tremendous sound image – it has depth and clarity whilst not appearing to be so directional as to pinpoint the speaker location.  It is an immersive and enjoyable listening experience!” 
Australian composer Garth Paine’s fascination with sound and the possibilities of digital technology has taken him a long way from his first degree in flute performance with the Conservatorium of Tasmania. He is an internationally acclaimed innovator in the field of electronic music and media arts and has composed scores for dance generated through video tracking and sensing technology direct from the dancer’s body. He runs workshops in interactivity for music performance and has developed interactive systems for real-time composition for dance and theatre. As an associate professor at the University of Western Sydney he established the Virtual Interactive Performance Research environment. He is an associate professor in digital sound and interactive media at the School of Arts Media + Engineering at the University of Arizona.
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