Max your entertainment



Experience movies and music like never before.

NewAudio’s Emergence AS8 2.1 Sound System delivers superb sound quality through patented Acoustic 3D technology that helps create an intense feeling of being “right there” in the middle of your favourite TV and music entertainment.

Sound_01Whether it’s part of the crowd at a sporting event, the centre of a movie drama, or front row at the concert, Emergence AS8 can help take you there.

Stunning Acoustic 3D sound means the compact Emergence AS8 can outperform many of today’s Soundbar products, and with quick and simple setup, it’s an ideal substitute for 5.1-speaker multichannel home theatre systems.

Just pair the two satellites with the integrated 120 watt amplifier/bass unit and cable-connect up to four audio sources, such as a TV, portable audio player or CD player. Use the supplied remote to select what you want to listen to – and at what volume – or connect the included adaptor to wirelessly play tunes from Bluetooth and NFC enabled smartphones, tablets and PCs.

The Emergence AS8 makes home entertainment easy, however you like to listen.



NewAudio Pty Ltd Acoustic 3D products are made under licence from Vastigo Ltd.