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Do you have a White Paper on the Emergence technology?

Yes, for more information on the unique patented Australian technology behind the Emergence AS8 can be found in our White Paper.  Click here White Paper – Introduction to A3D technology – 9 August 2016

Can I use my Emergence system for home theatre?

Yes! The Emergence is an ideal substitute for multichannel home theatre systems, requiring a lot less wiring and providing a much simpler installation with, we believe, a more engaging sound.

Today’s flat screen TVs all have a digital coaxial output connector (SPDIF). Plug this straight into the Emergence system’s corresponding coaxial input and watch your movies with an accurate, spatially cued, sound field.

Where should I position my Emergence satellites?

The Emergence satellites work in pretty much any location. Unlike conventional speakers, they are incredibly forgiving of placement and direction because they are essentially omni-directional.

For optimal soundstage, we recomend you place them 1 metre off the ground and between 3 and 4 metres apart. Put the amplifier/subwoofer unit in the middle, ideally on the floor (just make sure you can see the remote control sensor from where you sit). There are no other constraints – our speakers don’t need walls behind them and don’t need to be tucked into corners because they’re designed to remove the influence of the listening space.

If you intend to use them with a TV, we recommend they be placed either side to best present the soundstage across the screen. The subwoofer unit would ideally be positioned below the TV.

How do the Emergence systems compare to normal systems in loudness and clarity?

Because our licensed Acoustic 3D technology uses a pure form of diffusion it sounds much louder than a conventional system of similar rated power. If you think in terms of ‘signal-to-noise’ the signal (sound) stands out more (as far as the brain is concerned) because the clutter of reflections caused by the listening room has been removed. We like to describe it as ‘naturally loud’.

The clarity of Acoustic 3D technology provides much more detail than conventional systems, as the ‘cues’ are more accurately presented in our phase-coherent sound.

Can I plug legacy audio equipment into the Emergence?

Yes! The Emergence has legacy (analog) stereo RCA inputs, as well as a 3.5mm socket. It also has a range of digital inputs, including coaxial, USB and TOSLINK optical.

What is the best way to connect up my Emergence System?

The Emergence has lots of input connection options. It can replace the whole of a legacy audio system – excluding the audio source – and it can connect to pretty much every kind of those.

It can be used as a stereo system and as a front surround home theatre system. It also serves as a very impressive PC speaker setup.

Using the Emergence sound system with a modern TV creates a powerful integrated home entertainment system… and negates the need for a soundbar-type product.

Wireless connectivity is also simple to arrange, supporting both Wi-Fi (AirPlay) and Bluetooth via an adaptor connected to the optical or coaxial digital interface on the amplifier / subwoofer unit.

What is a ‘Fractal Dispersive Lens’ and why don’t other manufacturers use it?

The Fractal Dispersive Lens (FDL), along with the algorithms they’re based on, is what turns the ‘regular’ sound of the Emergence satellite’s driver into a phase-coherant diffuse acoustic that removes the impact of the listening room.

Other manufacturers do not use the FDL as it is a patented technology and, after 20 years of research, NewAudio is  introducing it to the market for the first time, as licensee. Our guess is that other manufacturers will want to use this technology once they’ve heard our speakers!

Can I run the Emergence off my smartphone?

Yes! The Emergence has a mini-phono input connector, making it a simple task to play your favourite tunes to a larger audience.

Similarly, both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi interfaces can be installed to enable wireless music streaming from compatible smartphones.

Can I run the Emergence off a legacy home theatre receiver?

Yes! The Emergence has digital coaxial ‘in’ and ‘out’ (through) connectors. It responds to the left and right signals only.


For more information on the unique patented Australian technology behind the Emergence AS8 download the full report on Figshare.