Great sound in any room

Satellite-18Acoustic 3D technology delivers sound as it was intended to be heard.

“In mathematics, a point source is a singularity from which flux or flow is emanating. Although singularities such as this do not exist in the observable universe, mathematical point sources are often used as approximations to reality in physics and other fields.” – Wikipedia.
Well that is up until now. NewAudio’s AS8 acts like an ideal point source creating acoustics with pinpoint imaging. Move over observable universe!

The near field sound of the A3D reflector is complex and driven by a fundamental prime number based algorithm. Its purpose is to make the far field sounds, i.e. those more than 25 centimeters away from the reflector, start to align along the vibration patterns that would come from an ideal point source. At 1 meter the broad wavefront is coherent, as though it originated from a single point in space.

A perfect point source radiator means listening immersed in complete linear phase acoustic sound fields, offering a massive sweet spot with pinpoint imaging free from the acoustic glare of the listening room!

NewAudio Pty Ltd Acoustic 3D products are made under licence from Vastigo Ltd.