Great sound in any room

Satellite-18Acoustic 3D technology delivers sound as it was intended to be heard.

Every listening space sounds different. Carpets, curtains and couches absorb sound, while glass, brick and tile surfaces bounce it around, creating ‘reflections’ that change the sound reproduced by a speaker.

Revolutionary Acoustic 3D technology in NewAudio’s Emergence AS8 sound system helps change the nature of reflections, so that what you hear can be faithful to the music or movie soundtrack created in the studio.

Developed over 20 years and underpinned by advanced maths, physics and psychoacoustic research, patented Acoustic 3D technology means the acoustics of your room no longer have to get in the way of re-creating authentic movie and music experiences in your home.

With Acoustic 3D in Emergence AS8, you can enjoy music and movie soundtracks as they were intended to be heard.

NewAudio Pty Ltd Acoustic 3D products are made under licence from Vastigo Ltd.